Sunday, 28 February 2010

Pruning apple trees and barn renovation continues

The apple-processing room is framed in the barn and Scott has started siding it. So here are pictures of the framing in process, the barn as it was and the barn today. There are two windows on the west side and one inside the barn on the east side. This view is from the east side looking into the apple room. Door is on the right.

Also, I had a comment about pruning and thought maybe it would be helpful to show a detail of pruning before and after. So here is a section of the tree before pruning and the same section after pruning. I think you could throw a cat through it after pruning, but before it would be impossible. I was only cutting off the obvious verticals above and below the branch, plus the twigs growing sideways or back toward the trunk. Last year Tom took off the the big branches that made the tree more dense with a chain saw.

I hope this is helpful and would welcome comments and corrections.

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  1. throw a cat through it?
    I forgot to think about throwing a cat through it....