Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Barn renovation 2 pouring cement

On February 4 the cement floor for the apple room was poured. They just managed to get it done between freezes and snowstorms and the new cement has been under a tarp since then. They say the mice crawl under the tarp to keep warm at night, as the cement gives off some heat as it cures.

I didn't get a photograph when Thunder found himself on the other side of the cement from us and decided he had to step through it to join us. He left not paw prints, but deep leg holes that had to be filled in and resurfaced. I washed most of the cement off his legs with no trouble, but Tom says there are cement footprints on our stairs in the house.

Photographs of the cement going in:

The truck arrives

This used to be a room

Getting ready

The pour

Just before Thunder struck

Feeding Champagne

Friday I was driving to town and saw a flock of small birds and a large bird in front of me on the road. I thought the small birds where chasing the large one, but it suddently turned, caught one in its claws, and soared away. A red-tailed hawk getting lunch.

This week they are framing the apple room and today we spent some time discussing window placement and ventilation. We've drawn up some plans, but every time we actually see the barn we decide to make changes.
There's snow in the orchard and I found tiny footprints in it, leading to holes. Probably voles. I need to prune some more so they'll have apple branches rather than tree bark to chew up.

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