Saturday, 28 February 2015

Farm auction

Driving to Kansas City for the Lyric Opera's performance of Kevin Puts and Mark Campbell's Silent Night we noticed a sign for an auction at the farm market that's about 2 miles from our house. We get peach boxes and crates from them for our apples, and since last summer was not a very good one for the market owner, we were concerned that he might be closing. So Tom wanted to go over there this morning.

It's snowing nicely and I imagined that there would be a few cars there and some store furniture for sale. The place was packed; the field across the road, and the road, were filled with pickups from neighboring counties and there were huge John Deere vehicles parked around the store.

parking in the field
There were maybe 70 trucks 

We trudged through the snow and went inside, where farmers, all in padded tan coveralls and black jackets were monitoring their I-phones and waiting in line for numbers. We found one of the women who works there and she assured us that this is just a routine sale the owner has and that they'll be selling plants in a few weeks. Reassured, we left.

I saw a couple of small tractors, a little bigger than ours and tried to get Tom to bid on them, to no avail.
Some of the farm vehicles for sale

The auctioneer is in red to the left

The surrounding fields and road

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