Friday, 21 June 2013

Two birds and a Rabbit

Going down the stairs this morning, we encountered Puff, stretched our luxuriously on the staircase. Seeing a cat in this state might not sound odd, but he always runs down ahead of us, looking for his morning kitty food treat. At the foot of the stairs Tom stopped and on the floor I noticed what appeared to be extensive mouse remains, but Tom looked at me in amazement. When I looked closer I shared his surprise, because the remains were clearly a rabbit. All that was left was the head and some guts and fur. As we wondered how a rabbit had come into the house, I noticed that the front door was slightly ajar. Carrying a whole bunch of stuff in last evening I had left the storm door open and apparently hadn't closed the front door tightly. Some time during the night, Puff and Shadow slipped out, caught the rabbit, brought it in, and ate it.
I went out and called Shadow, who sauntered in from the garage. Then I went out the back door to check the deck and patio. We try to keep the cats inside because of the bird feeders. Before I made that decision I found remains of a cardinal, a titmouse, a male downy woodpecker, and a nuthatch (the last straw) on and under the deck. The last one Puff got within 20 minutes of going out. Today I found a whole female downy woodpecker at the bottom of the stairs and the head of a female house finch on the patio.
Tom is wondering why the dogs don't get rabbits as efficiently as the cats do. I'm happy the dogs seem to just chase the rabbits and can't catch them. We'll keep the cats indoors as much as possible.
Puff and Shadow, murderous cats
Who knows what else they killed in their murderous morning spree!? They certainly weren't interested in breakfast.

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