Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Barn renovation begins

I noted a while ago that we had purchased a wonderful machine for washing and sorting apples. Last summer we installed it in the garage, but the plan was always to have it in the barn. The requires some renovation and this week we started. Most of the barn has been emptied of 30 years or so of accumulation. Before Tom could change his mind, the black pickup that had been in front for several years disappeared. Here's the front of the barn this morning:

Here's the inside of the barn, again this morning:

Here's the brush pile, with at least three years worth of apple prunes, a volunteer tree, and various contents of the barn:

We set it on fire and it took about an hour to finish it off:

Champagne, who is 37, seemed a little nonplussed by the activities of the past couple of days. She just stood there.:

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