Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Apple Washer Installed!

In my other life, I help on an apple farm in Kansas with my husband Tom. Last Friday he went down to Arkansas City and picked up our new (used) apple washer and sorter and yesterday he installed it in the garage, where it will stay until we can get the barn ready for it. Here's the apple washer, which takes up pretty much the whole garage.:

We had a small crop of Earlygolds a couple of weeks ago and they all went to a nearby farm market. We have only three Earlygold trees; the apples taste good, pretty tart, but they don't last long. We expect to have Galas in about three weeks, and then new varieties every few weeks until the beginning of November. Here's the orchard today, with close ups of Rome and Gala apples. There's Rosie the Red Heeler on the right.

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